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Advance Your Christian Vocational Education in Theology

Programs Available for Associates, Bachelors, Masters & Doctorate Degrees

Degrees & Certifications

Become a professional professor to better spread the Word of God.

Private Academy Certification

Receive Your Certification in Music, English as a Second Language, Basic Computer Science or School of Prophets


Associates Degree

Take 60 credits worth of classes on basic biblical learnings with Christian Family Values. This Includes; Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage & Fundamentals of Pedagogy.


Bachelors Degree

Take 224 credits worth of accelerated classes on biblical learning, including basic phycology & Christian Leadership.


Masters Degree

Take 120 credits worth of classes on advanced Biblical Learning. Including Pastoral Phycology, Homiletic & Art of Oratory.


Doctorates Degree

Under-graduate high education of biblical learning. Including Demonology, Angelology & False Doctrine.


Our Mission

JILIU's mission is to build up the Body of Christ and to form the New Testament Church so that it reveals the Kingdom of God in each of the segments of our society, that the Glory of God will cover the earth. JILIU is a pioneer of the modern model of vocational ministry development in the field of higher education for ministerial preparation. Ephesians 4: 1-4


Our Creed

That Jesus Christ is the Lord.

We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ as the only Son of God. We believe in His death for every man, His resurrection, and His eventual return to earth to judge the world.


Our Philosophy

JILIU was established under the foundation of Jesus Christ and the curriculum of our University is centered in the Bible. We believe that God has revealed Himself to humanity in the writings commonly known as the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible. We believe that these are the necessary guide to resolve doctrinal issues and to direct the structure and mission of the Church. 

“JILIU Marches around the world... thanks to the support of the Holy Spirit and his divine direction and thanks for hundreds of ministers who have appropriated JILIU's dream and turning it into their own Dream."

- Dr. Miguel Puig - President

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International Reach

Our University works internationally with our 7 faculty staff and the over 300 deans and professors worldwide. We're offering all pastors, ministers & teachers the opportunity to receive higher education without moving.

JILIU believes in not only dictating to a class, but also ministering you their hearts and souls.

We're offering a unique program to all religious leaders to become professional professors and equip them with the tools to advance the Glory of God.

We are committed to, first, equip each student with the necessary tools to face the demands of an effective Christian ministry, and second, to lead them passionately to the dedication of their lives to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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Doctoral Graduates

Deans & Professors Worldwide

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