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Florida Department of Education

JILIU operates under authorization, as an institution with rights to grant degrees under the waiver of  the State Board of colleges and independent universities of Florida (Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities) in the Department of education of Florida in the United States (Florida Department of Education) and is supported by the laws of this State, under the 1005.06 section 1) (f) , F.S., Florida Statutes.  The State, like other States, does not require accreditation or theological accreditation for religious education. 


Section 1005.06 (1) (f): 

A "religious" educational institution can operate without government sanction, if the institution can confirm annually to the regulatory commission of the Department of Education of the State of Florida, USA, which is maintained within the following parameters:                     

  1. The name of the school has a modifier (Identifying) that it is religious or containing words "religious" in nature.

  2. The institution only offers educational programs to prepare students for the "religious" vocation as ministers, Christian leaders and professionals within the "religious" categories such as: ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media and social work.

  3. The undergraduate degrees granted by the institution should not be confused with the titles of secular degrees. To this effect; each undergraduate degree should include a modifier (identifying) immediately preceding or religious is part of the following grades: Arts Technician, Technical Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science , Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Education. The religious modifier (identifier) should appear in the document holder (in the title line) in any document referring to the title awarded and on any document or official publication of the institution made.

  4. The length of the degree programs are consistent with the standards (parameters) set by the regulatory commission.

  5. The consumer practices of the institution are consistent with those required by section 1005.04.


The commission will provide the school a letter confirming that the institution meets the requirements of state law and for that reason is not subject to government sanction, or taxes. 

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Approved by the Government of the United States

JILIU is tax-free and recognized by the Government of the United States of America as a religious institution under the 501 (c) (3) with all rights and privileges provided by law.

Legal Position Before the
Government of the USA

The United States Government does not intervene or consider necessary to secular accreditation for vocational training as we are doing in developing and forming our students, which includes; Theology, biblical principles, Christian arts, Christian Science, Christian philosophy, Christian Counseling, Christianity administration, Christian leadership, divine healing, intercession ministries, missions and Christian ministries such as evangelism, prophetic Ministry, worship and praise ministries, Ministry of child development and Ministry of youth, among others. As these functions are related to the work and the fruit for God, the preaching of the word of God, the expansion of the gospel and the redemption plan of Christ; graduates of our educational institution may operate and aspire to work in any area, internationally,

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State of Florida

JILIU is tax-free and recognized by the Government of the United States of America as a religious institution under the 501 (c) (3) with all rights and privileges provided by law.

FCPC Membership

Jesus is Lord International University is a degree-granting Advanced Member of the Florida Council of Private Collegues, Inc. (FCPC). The FCPC represents its private, faith-based, post-secondary educational institution member before any individual, private or government educational organization. The FCPC educational standards are patterned after our early historical educational institutions of higher learning for the following: faculty, academic curriculum, course development, campus and/or distance learning operations, catalogs, brochures, advertisements, application forms, financial information, and student records and transcripts.

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