Curriculum For Today's World

With deep concern at the changes in the world, JILIU has felt a powerful sense of responsibility to prepare its curriculum to allow our students to impact the world for Christ through various professions in the Theological and Ministerial fields.

While our emphasis is in biblical and academic knowledge we also lead our students to identify, strengthen & develop their leadership skills for the glory of God & the crystallization and execution of HIS work here on Earth, through them.

Jesus Is Our Lord International University is a pioneer of the modern model of ministerial vocational development in the field of higher education for pastoral preparations.

Focusing On Learning

In many academic settings, too much time is taken emphasizing information that is elementary knowledge for most of the students. The New Ministers of Tomorrow need to be encouraged with various elements that will orient students to a stimulating environment to realize what we know as the essential work of the church.

JILIU offers exceptional opportunities for both our students & the graduates to be prepared academically, professionally & spiritually to serve God in the professions to which they are called.

"The wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and they teach that righteousness to the multitude, as the stars forever and ever."

Daniel 12: 3

Earn Your Degree & progress the glory of God

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