Internationally Registered as a Non-Profit 501.c3

JILICC is a multi-ministerial Christian Organization in the United States of America, with an internationally scope registered as a non-Profit 501.c3 Tax Exempted in this Nation and established since December 21, 2000.

JILICC is conformed of ministers, ministries, churches and Christian universities (charters) grouped with one purpose: to equip, educate and to develop the body of Christ in order to become more effective in the mission of spreading the Kingdom of God on earth .

JILICC offers coverage, license, continued education and educational support to partner Christian ministers ministries and churches formed, being daughter churches, affiliates or associates who passionately serve to make real God's dream on earth. The daughter churches, ministers and ministries of JILICC will receive our credentials. The churches of ministers and conformed ministries associated to JILICC do not receive credentials but do received recognized membership.  From the above-mentioned coverages we offer, only daughter and affiliate churches will be able to enjoy all the privileges we offer under our 501c3 status as a Church with a tax-exempt status.  Please ask for our annual manual printed out for your benefit. You may write to us if you are interested in receiving spiritual coverage.


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