Juana Eilets Testimonial

"For me, JILIU means; Development, growth, security and spiritual firmness. To me, what began as a commitment and thanksgiving for the blessings of God in my life, continued every day when I dispose my Heart to Him and the Lord deposits His knowledge and clarity of the Word through the teachers in the University in my mind and my Heart. "

Juana Eilets


"What JILIU have done in my life to this day is: have a stronger and safer life and a stronger relationship with God; Quenching my thirst in every class I attend, I also have come to know more about God. the things that have helped me most and I have noticed that I have applied every teaching in my calling as a minister, pastor, leader, and servant to grow in my ministry, and I have been able to see the influence and results in every life that surrounds me. I'm totally convinced that each one of us wants to know God more and take up our call that He has made should attend the University."

Danny Mera



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